Myrtol 300 – A Naturl Remedy For Coughs & Colds

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Myrtol 300.

Did you know that the average U.S adult catches a cold 2-4 times each year? That means at least once each season, you will likely get sick and spread the germs throughout your home.15032764_562931480562989_1816721351325248545_n To help you stay healthy, Myrtol® 300 is a natural remedy that helps fight the symptoms of a common cold. If you have a cough, itchy throat and congestion, it helps relieve the symptoms using a combination of essential oils that loosen the mucus in the upper and lower airways. After taking Myrtol 300 your nasal passages become clear again allowing you to breathe freely.

For over 40 years Myrtol has been working well for consumers in Europe and other countries and we can finally get it here in the U.S!14915405_565963070259830_4499203655020016971_nRecognized as the “German pill” with a funny name, Myrtol 300 was initially launched in the European market and has been used in 23 different countries. The dietary supplement has been tested in 27 clinical trials and over 99 non-clinical trials proving to help users fight cough and cold symptoms and maintain overall sinus and lung health.

Myrtol 300 can be purchased without a prescription at your local pharmacy. Visit for more information.


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