Nevada Bucket List – Reasons To Visit The Silver State

Things To Do In Nevada

Visiting Nevada soon? Check out this extensive list of Things To Do In Nevada. Includes amazing places you must add to your bucket list!

Being a state that draws millions of tourists each year, Nevada is a place known for its sights, sounds, beauty, and excitement. Taking a private jet to Las Vegas is also preferred by some tourists for a hassle-free and more enjoyable trip. A list of ten things to do list will never cover all that can be experienced in the Silver State, but it’s sure to give you some ideas about where to start your adventures.

Things To Do In Nevada

1. Las Vegas Strip – Billions of lights, over 62,000 hotel rooms, casinos, and breathtaking shows are concentrated on this 4.2 mile stretch of pavement that brings travelers from around the world. Resorts along the strip feature everything from amusement park rides to decadent dining experiences.

2. Hoover Dam – Located on the Nevada-Arizona border, the dam on the Colorado river is a magnificent sight to see. Tours are available to experience the history and inner workings of the structure.hoover-dam

3. Vegas Off-road Tours – In Goodsprings, there’s a tour that will show you the historic history of mining in the area. Gold wasn’t the only mining opportunity in southern Nevada, copper, zinc, lead and silver were also produced in the area.  Starting and ending at the Pioneer Saloon, this 2 ½ – 5 ½ hour tours will show you everything from ruins to natural wonder.

4. Gold Point Ghost Town – Travel back in time to experience the feel of a real mining community. Stay at the Ghost Town Bed and Breakfast in an original mining cabin where stepping out the door in the morning the first thing you’re likely to see is jack rabbits.  Just southwest of Goldfield near the border of California, you can encounter true

5. Hawthorne Ordnance Museum – All things military await in this locally run museum. Still considered to be the largest Ammunition Depot in the world, Hawthorne’s Ordnance Museum boasts ammunition from the early part of the 20th century, memorabilia, military uniforms, and newspaper clippings of significant dates in military history.

6. Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club – Visiting Pahrump will lead you to a resort that you don’t see every day. Taking laps on the longest performance driving track in North America and appreciating resort-style amenities will leave you breathless all before strapping on the water-jet pack and flying above the four-acre freshwater lake.

7. Fountains of Bellagio – An amazing site to be seen, when a combination of music, water and light is create a spectacular fountain show.

fountainsGetty Images

8. Speed Vegas – Just 10 minutes from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, you can carve your way around a race track in some of the finest supercars available. Names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche will forever be in your dreams after roaring around the banked turns and screaming down the ½ mile straightaway.

9. Diamond Peak Ski Resort – At Lake Tahoe, you be amazed with lake views while burning down the slopes of this moderately-sized family friendly resort. While there are no accommodations on-site, they offer free shuttle service to Reno that is just 30 miles to the south.diiamond-peak


10. Joël Robuchon – MGM Casino houses this 5-star restaurant that is an Art Deco town house themed culinary destination. Extraordinary doesn’t come close to describing the ambiance that you feel when surrounded by the purple, beige, and black décor while taking pleasure in the distinguished dishes that are sure to thrill your taste buds.

11. Gordon Ramsay Steak – From the IPads at every table to for wine and cocktail selections, to its steak presentation cart that goes tableside, Paris casino’s Gordon Ramsay Steak will exhilarate your appetite. Roasted Beef Wellington, Triple Seared Japanese A5 Kobe, and Ramsay’s legendary Sticky Toffee Pudding lead the menu!

12. Stratosphere Tower – At 1,149 feet, the Stratosphere Tower, located in Las Vegas, is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.

4276957363_00c5a59f39_b-700x685flickr/Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

13. Extraterrestrial Highway – Aliens your thing? Then you can’t miss the Extraterrestrial Highway. Located close to Area 51, this highway has had numerous UFO sightings along the road.

14. Fly Geyser – Located in Washoe County, Fly Geyseer is a man-made geothermal geyser that spews water nearly 5 feet into the air. This geyser is on private property, but you can see it from the road. It was created by accident in 1964 when an explorative well drilled in the area was either left uncapped or not capped properly, causing dissolved minerals to accumulate and rise and thus create the limestone mound (which continues to grow) that houses the geyser.

Nevada will amaze and surprise with impressive attractions around every corner.  Exhilaration and delight will be the highlight of every adventure.


  1. ellen beck says

    We went to Vegas years ago. I was really impressed how nice the state really was. I mean I expected just a bunch of sand, but it wasnt the case. There is alot to see. We kind of passed through but did get to see different places..

  2. Susan Smith says

    We go to Las Vegas often. It’s so exciting and it keeps changing. We always try new restaurants and shows when we go.

  3. vickie couturier says

    never been to Nevada but its on my list of places to go

  4. Oh I have never been to Nevada! Looks so beautiful! I would love to visit the Stratosphere Tower!!!! Oh and the Hoover Dam would be amazing to see at night!

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