Newport Aquarium – Newport, KY

Disclosure: My family was provided complimentary admission to Newport Aquarium.

The Newport Aquarium, which is just a two minutes drive from Downtown Cincinnati is a must see when in the area. Inside there is showcases for thousands of animals from around the world in over a million gallons of water. Guests young and old can touch a shark, meet a penguin up close, visit the new jellyfish nursery and more.The Newport AquariumThe aquarium is packed with different exhibits, with the newest being Seahorses Unbridled Fun. With a head like a horse, snout like an aardvark and belly pouch like a kangaroo- seahorses are anything but ordinary. Inside guests can discover 10 species of seahorses, sea dragons, trumpetfish, shrimpfish and pipefish.13277987_10208391881188854_1362856442_nThe Amazon River Tunnel takes you on a journey under 117,000 gallons of fresh water. A 32-foot long acrylic tunnel lets you see the world’s largest freshwater fish – the Arapaima and the exotic Pacu – among dozens of other species.13245874_10208391879668816_1325777378_nThe first thing we spotted in the large Coral Reef exhibit was the Eel peeking out from behind a giant rock formation! The vibrant colors and natural splendor of the coral reef was view able from all angles as we passed through the many acrylic tunnels. The reef seemed to come alive with colorful Tangs, playful Unicorn fish and a huge Honeycomb Morey eel.

Have you ever wanted to encounter the most feared and lethal – and often misunderstood — animals found in the aquatic world? Well you can inside the Dangerous Deadly exhibit. Visitors can see Stonefish, Lionfish, Piranha and other beautiful predators then get up close and learn the facts about snakes, lizards and freshwater stingrays.

Gator Alley showcases eight species of crocodilians from four continents, and is one of the most diverse collections of crocodilian species in the country. Two white American Alligators (named Snowball and Snowflake) call this place home. They each measures roughly six feet in length, with the female Snowflake weighing approximately 65 pounds and the male Snowball weighing 85 pounds. There are less than 100 known white alligators in the world. Mighty Mike also lives here. At 14 feet and 800 pounds, Mighty Mike is the biggest, baddest gator in the country outside of Florida and longer than most cars. 13250511_10208391882868896_1433020161_nThrillseeker Alert: You can touch a real shark at the only experience of its kind in the region in the Shark Central exhibit. This exhibit is home to dozens of sharks you can actually touch after you learn the official “two-finger” technique that brings you in contact with one of nature’s most feared predators. It’s an exciting experience your kids will never forget.13277898_10208391880548838_915403205_nShark Ray Bay highlights one of the largest acrylic windows in the Aquarium for an awe-inspiring view of the giant shark tank. Watching those huge beasts swim by feels almost magical. 13282033_10208391883828920_867390528_nStop at the Tide Pool, where you can touch a Horseshoe Crab, tickle a Whelk or pet a real live Sea Star inside the Shore Gallery. My kids always want to stay at these areas all day long. This one was very accommodating to them because it had a stepping ledge build up all around so they could actually see and reach what was in the tank. The employee watching the tank was very knowledgeable and helpful. It’s worth noting that she was overly nice to a group of children being much too rough with a crab. Parents, please watch your kids at the touch tanks.13250579_10208391879788819_1891837769_n

13249530_10208391880388834_239607220_nYou can even hop on a scale and see what type of shark you weigh as much as. We had our entire family practically on the scale and could not get it to tip to a Great White!!13281828_10208391886348983_989834975_nSee more Shark Rays on display than anywhere else in the world right here in the Surrounded By Sharks Exhibit! Extremely rare Shark Rays, Sweet Pea, Scooter, Sunshine and Spike will win you over with their human-like eyes, prehistoric look, and breathtaking grace.13250474_10208391887029000_1390921715_nNewport Aquarium is open to the public 365 days a year from 9AM-7PM. We brought our stroller with us, but wish we wouldn’t have. It is worth noting that strollers are restricted on the aquariums most popular days. Baby carriers are available on loan in the lobby free of charge for children less than 30 pounds. Wagons are not permitted at any time.

We spent a good four hours inside the aquarium because each exhibit was so interactive. I think we sat in front of the giant shark wall for at least an hour. It was like the sharks knew we were there to see us, each time we attempted to step away a shark swam right at us and swam by super slow. I was able to pick up free wifi during my entire visit. Sharky’s cafe is a great spot for lunch or a quick snack. It is located right after the shark tunnel and seemed to appear right as our tummies were growling. They had a large selection of drinks and crunchy snacks, as well as angus beef burgers and fresh wraps. Lunch was a bit over priced, but it was all delicious.

Visit Them: Daily ticket prices for Adults are $23.99 and Children ages 2-12 are $15.99. You can purchase tickets ahead of time by visiting


  1. That looks like a fun, entertaining, and educational place to visit. Aquarium creatures interest me.

  2. Julie Wood says

    We love going to aquariums! This one is a beautiful one and my kids would love to go here.

  3. vickie couturier says

    my grandkids would have so much fun at this,the love aquariums

  4. Sounds amazing! I know our whole family would really enjoy visiting and learning about all the aquarium life. I know Gator Alley would be a favorite exhibit 🙂

  5. I think aquariums are awesome. My mom and I have always shared a love for undersea life. It’s neat that the one you went to has features that are kid-friendly and interactive.

  6. Renee Walters says

    That is a great educational place to visit. I love hearing about places like this to take my kids.

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