Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it Cup

My bigger kids really hate when I give them a sippy cup. They feel like they are baby cups and sometimes wont even drink from them. However, we have white carpets! And letting kids run around with cups of liquid is just a recipe for disaster so recently I started looking for a spill proof, ‘sippy cup’ alternative and I found the perfect solution with the Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it!

The Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it has a colorful two-in-one cup design that not only keeps liquid fresh and cool, it also helps protect the furniture from a “sweating” cup. This cup features a soft sipper straw which is gentle to your child’s delicate teeth and gums.

Does it leak? Not a drop! Unless you have experienced the leakiness that comes with a straw cup you can not possibly understand how excited I was to finally find one that did not leak. As long as the straw is assembled right even going down a flight of stairs there was not a drop leaked!

Does it keep the drink cold? Sure does. With ice drinks stay cold for 6+ hours. With out ice, it still stays cold for around four!

Does it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? It fits nicely in all my kids hands and perfectly into cup holders!

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? This cup comes with five pieces. The straw is soft silicone and pretty bite proof! (which is so hard to find in a straw cup!)

Mom’s favorite feature? A lot of straw cups we have used in the past have leaked really bad. This one doesn’t and no matter how hard my kids chew on it the straw is still intact and leak free!

Does my child like it? This cup is the older kids first choice. They feel bigger using a straw instead of a normal sippy cup. Because it is the older kids favorite, Emmitt loves to use it too. It is nice to finally have one single cup that all the kids will use!

Any downsides? This cup is one of the harder ones to put and keep the pieces together. I have lost a few pieces during washing time- however Nuby does sell replacement parts!

Specs:  The cup is made of safe, durable, and non-toxic materials that exceed all government safety regulations and standards. It is dishwasher safe and can be used as soon as your child can drink from a straw!

Buy It: You can purchase a two pack of Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it from Amazon for 7.99

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  1. Must be the additional piece, cause I have the Nuby with two straw pieces, and it leaks a lot, especially when held at an angle instead of vertical (and who can get their kid to actually do that?). And of course my little boy likes to shake, so it’s an absolute mess then.

  2. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says

    I totally rely on other moms’ opinions when buying stuff like this, and if you say they don’t leak, that’s HUGE! Leaky cups are the WORST! I’m definitely adding some to my next Amazon order. I especially love that they are cute, too! Love the prints! Thanks!

  3. This looks like a top of the line cup especially if it doesn’t leak!

  4. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    these are so cute, we are out of that stage now with the grandchildren, I bet we bought 25 or more sippy’s

  5. Faith Bosnick says

    OMG – I cannot wait to get some of these. My soon to be 4 year old always wants a “big boy cup” and like you said with the white carpets its just not going to happen. I thought I would give him a chance one day with some chocolate milk and that ended up all over the carpet!! :-\ I had to really use some elbow grease to get it out and ever since then it’s back to the sippy cups. I am really excited about this product! And I have always LOVED Nuby!

  6. Shelly Garvin Johnson says

    I find my older toddler ( 20 months) tends to bite off the soft plastic straws, so I love the fact that Nubby offers the harder “unbiteable” ones. they work great!

  7. this is great!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing, I’d love to find a straw cup that is truly leak proof

  9. Trasina McGahey says

    What a great idea for the kids in between! I’m not sure I would be ok with the pieces though. Too many pieces makes things frusterating!

  10. I need to try this out. We’re always looking for the perfect sippy cup.

  11. Stephanie Brown Eversole says

    These cups DON’T LEAK, which is awesome, but man, are they a pain to wash:(

  12. I am always looking for good sippy cups, how are they to clean? I have problems with the other ones getting my mom and hubby to wash the spouts really good.

  13. Linda Gravitt says

    We love these cups! Igot one for all my grandkids when they come to my house!!!

  14. I really like this cup. I’m going to get a couple of these for my neice. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Sarah Davis says

    This would be perfect for my son. Nuby makes the best products, he loves his imonster set 🙂

  16. I think these would be perfect for my 2 year old. He needs something different now that he’s a bigger boy. I will definitely buy one of these soon!

  17. Diane Sallans says

    These Nuby products look great – could really use one of these for the kiddies.

  18. I really like the design of these …and they are great for stocking stuffers. The harder straws are such a great invention too.

  19. Great advice! We’re just starting sippy cups with my 6 month old. I’ll be sure to try this one too.

  20. Kristine N. says

    DS loved this cup. We had two, but after about a year, the silicone was cracked from biting. It is definitely leakproof.

  21. I may need to pick up one of these. We’ve been trying to transition our son from traditional sippy cups to ones with a straw – it hasn’t been going well. I can overlook all the parts if it means my son will start using a straw!

  22. Christina S says

    I love these cups!! My daughter is all about straws but these don’t leak at all. So nice.

  23. Kele Wassum says

    I really like all the designs they have. I am going to buy one for my new grandson he will just love it!!

  24. My kids love drinking threw straws, and I love that it’s bite proof! That’s the main problem with most straws.

  25. I love straw-style sippy cups and I look forward to trying this one since it doesn’t leak!

  26. Love this cup. My nephew has a few!

  27. By far the most important feature in any drink containers for kids – leak-free!

  28. paula peterson says

    I love that cup. Im going to get and try it because im having a hard time getting my daughter off the bottle.

  29. Faith Bosnick says

    I love Nuby! I’ve been using their products for the past 4 years! This is a must buy!

  30. Jan Messali says

    We have Nuby dishes and love them. I’d like to get some of these cups.

  31. Judy Lipcsak says

    I have purchased these cups for my grandchildren and really like them. They are easy to use and easy to clean afterwards.

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