Nuby: No-Spill Sport Sipper

No matter what recreational activity your child is engaged in, the No-Spill Sport Sipper by Nuby is perfect for parents and children on the go! Why? Because Nuby developed the Sport Sipper with an innovative, ergonomic shape with easy grips that ensures a comfortable and secure grasp for you child. Also included is the unique soft silicone straw with a built-in valve that opens with sucking action and closes when not in use.

Does it leak? This cup can take one heck of a beating. It can withstand drops, tumbles and tosses like a boss! However Emmitt has figured out how to pinch the spout and get it to drip slowly out! Think this is a smart kid issue, rather than a faulty cup.

Does it keep the drink cold? Because it is not insulated it does not. Drinks stay cold for about an hour, two or three with ice added.

Does it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? The innovative, ergonomic easy grips on each side of the cup make it super easy for Emmitt to tote around, even with one hand! Those same awesome grips also make it hard to get in and out of a cup holder, but it does fit in one!

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? This cup comes with three big pieces that are super easy to put together and then take back apart to wash! The top is soft, but quite bite resistant. Emmitt is teething so has really been loving on these cups. He pushes the spout all the way to the back of his molars and bites and bites and bites. No bite marks remain on the spout at all!

Mom’s favorite feature? I love that I can use this cup for all my kids. It resembles a sports bottle more than a sippy cup, so I can even give it to my 8 year old if we are going in the car.

Any downsides? None that I have found so far!

Specs:  The cup is made of safe, durable, and non-toxic materials that exceed all government safety regulations and standards. It is dishwasher safe and can be used as soon as your child can drink from a straw!

Buy It: You can purchase a two pack of Nuby No-Spill Sports Sipper from Amazon for 3.99

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  1. This is a favorite in our house too! And one of my favorite features is also that I can use it for either of my kids, given that it isn’t so sippy cup looking.

  2. Jennifer M says

    Thank you for the honest review. I like that you list the pros and cons. This seems like a good cup for me to try with my toddler, and I appreciate the head’s up on the potential negatives.

  3. Emerson wouldn’t take ANY sippy cup, so I bought a 2pk of these and they were the first he took. I went out and bought another 2. For $3.50 per cup they are SO worth it!
    He also took another Nuby cup as well.

  4. My nephew is starting to use a sippy cup and he prefers the soft top! These would be great as he makes the full transition.

  5. I love the design

  6. The shape of this sipper is just right for a toddler’s hand. I will have to start looking for these in the stores.

  7. My sons use these. I love the no-spill straws – so pratical!

  8. My youngest is two and looses his sippys constantly we are looking for something that is tough as his is i am gonna have to try this.

  9. Back when my now 9 year old was needing to get off the bottle Nuby was the best thing! It had the soft spout so it wasn’t a huge transition for him.

  10. Racquel S says

    I always like hearing of new and easy to clean sippy cups! Ours are always getting lost and really grossly dirty! I will have to try these out!

  11. kristy edgington says

    cool design..need to find these for my son, all other cups leak =(

  12. Noelia Lopez says

    Waste of money ! ?
    Wish I can say the same as other mommies but definitely can’t.
    very disappointed in the no spill, there are definitely leaks!
    My baby will pull on the nipple which causes the seal to come loose and gets soaked! Last night I woke up to a soaked mattress ?
    I don’t know if it was just me but it also takes me a while to close it tightly. If you don’t close it as it’s supposed to it’ll also leak once you flip it upside down. I can just go on & on. I just completely hate it.

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