Oduga – The Toy That Grows With Baby!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Oduga.

Did you know that the average child receives over 70 toys per year? This means that in just three short years a child can accumulate over 200 toys! I can testify to this very fact. Rattles, walkers, blocks, books, stuffed animals… They are all played with for a short time and either forgotten about or grown out of. Oh how I wish there was a toy (toys really) that could really, honestly and truly grow with my child- well now, there is – the Oduga!

Stage 1The Odgua is a modular baby toy that adapts to the different developmental needs of a baby during its first 3 years of life. This reduces the cost of buying different toys for each stage of the baby’s growth, and allows parents to personalize their babies experience with the toy.

Stage 5The foundation of the toy is the Oduga Ball, which has holes along the surface, where different modules can be added to cater to the specific developmental needs of the baby. The Oduga ball and all accessories are made of FDA approved materials that are completly baby safe, BPA free, Phthalate free and dishwasher safe!

Stage 6Once baby is 3 months old and learning by sound, you can add an Oduga rattle. Then, when baby is around 6 months a short teether, with rounded edges can be gnawed on by teethers! Around 9 months you will notice baby wanting gum stimulation further back, thats when the longer teether can be added. The longer teether also comes with a short strap that makes toting their Oduga ball around with them easier! When baby is a year, or is interacting more with toys you can finally add the pop up toy!



Oduga is a genius idea! Anyone who has a child knows this! However, the creater has invested every cent into this project and needs some help raising money for a 5,000 unit minimum order! Learn more about this by watching the video below!

You can make a contribution to help get this amazing toy into production by clicking here!

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