PediPed Jake Originals

Did you know that most doctors recommend barefoot walking or a soft leather shoe for growing feet? Have you searched stores for these types of shoes ever? You won’t find many shoes like this, unless you stumble upon Pediped!

Pediped creates footwear that most closely resembles the natural shape of a baby’s foot. The Originals most closely mimic barefoot walking. When children learn to walk they tend to shuffle, so rubber soles or shoes with grip, force children to change their natural stride and can actually make them trip. Originals have a durable, slip-resistant leather sole. They’re roomy so the foot can move and grip and they’re flexible so your child can actually feel the floor.

The hand-stitched leather sole allows your child’s foot to breathe. Originals have two layers of the highest quality leather on the market today plus a soft foam insert, so your child’s feet are protected while they’re on the move. Originals are the most comfortable shoe your child will ever wear and won’t want to take off.

I was sent an adorable pair of Jake PediPed shoes in light brown. These are Emmitt’s first pair of shoes! Even though Emmitt will obviously not be walking in these shoes, the sole of this shoe still impresses me so much. I can feel the extra cushioning and know it was made to provide ultimate comfort. The Velcro fastener makes it super easy to put on, and then take off, and they can be tightened to make sure they stay on Emmitt’s feet. Losing a shoe in a store is always such a pain in the hiney. I have lost so many of my favorite pairs of shoes this way!

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