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Disclosure: This post brought to you by Greeting Card Universe.

Card shopping… Not my most favorite thing to do. How can I expect a stranger who is creating a card to appeal to the general public to make the exact card I am looking for?! With Greeting Card Universe not only can I find the most unique cards ever, I can personalize them!14102566_10154409009332145_4149972224797820022_nGreeting Card Universe is so convenient and easy, plus it is no more expensive than going to the store, and having to stare at a shelving unit full of hollow and insincere cards that don’t fit the occasion you are trying to find.13179223_10154124790617145_8084483762522923456_nGetting a real card in the mail makes every occasion so much more special and ordering online makes it easy by helping you a) search for the perfect card b) personalize it and c) conveniently mail it either to yourself so you can personally deliver it or you can send it direct to your recipient. 13321947_10154163462192145_8327455831118362185_nBuy It: You can purchase all the cards shown above, and more from! Use code REALMOM20 for  20% off your order!

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