Shadepro Vista Awning Shade

Disclosure: The awning shade pictured below was sent compliments of Shadepro.

We try and spend as much time as possible outside but find that our flat awning provides very little shade so we have no where to sit with out being in the blazing sun. The Vista Shade for Power Awnings is the  newest addition to our home and one that we use daily. Honestly, I cant imaging not having it at this point. 12092366_10206893608092963_1417121525_nThe Vista Shade by Shadepro is a pretty remarkable product. It is the only RV awning shade that was made specifically for power awnings and is the easiest shade to set up on the market today. The open-weave fabric cuts approximately 85% of light for a cool and comfortable shade both outside and in. With the sun beating down on our camper and the Vista Shade extended we are able to cool the camper in half the time. The shade also provides some privacy from close by neighbors without blocking our view. 12167149_10206893607812956_1147621662_nOur Vista Shade came in two pieces: a body and an insert. Our drop is 10 feet, so one piece (the one that stays on the awning at all times, also known as the insert) is 4 feet and the other (the one we zip on and off, also known as the body) is 6 feet. Initial installation took two people because our awning is 18 feet long, but was quite easy. Our electric awning has a roller tube at the end which has a number of grooves on it. One groove had the valance that matches our awning on it and underneath we found another that we slid the polycord of the Vista Shade into. Bam- the insert was installed.12167886_10206893608132964_290320991_nThe body was installed by simply zipping it onto the insert and can be done by one person. We do this after we have set up the camper, at each new spot we stay. It takes about 3 minutes to unfold the body and zip it onto the insert. Then to secure the shade, and provide more room underneath we always stake ours out! TA DA- instant shade that is worth every penny of the cost of this shade.12170194_10206893607972960_1063447738_nWhen we are ready to pack up camp and leave we unzip the body and fold it, then place it back in its carrying bag. The insert is rolled up inside our awning so the next time we set up camp, we can simply unroll our awning and zip the body onto it again.

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  1. We need this for next summer!

  2. Bob Corby says

    We received our awning sun shade from Vista Shade yesterday. It came within a week. We are so happy with it. It even came with stakes and clips to hang lights. WOW! It is so nice. Thank you Vista Shade. I wish I could send a picture but I don’t know how.

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