Skytop Logde – Skytop, PA

Since it’s inception in 1928, Skytop Lodge has earned it’s reputation for the best place to travel to for outdoor adventure and family fun. Skytop Lodge is a majestic, all-inclusive family resort nestled right in the Pocono Mountains. They offer fun, adventure and a place to really get away!

My family and I spent four days and three nights at Skytop and came home with memories that will truly last us a lifetime! There is so much to do and so much to see I wanted to share with you a few of our very favorite things!

The Building:

Any way, any weather, any time you look at the large lodge building  your breath will be taken away. The building is gorgeous! Skytop’s story starts on the mountain summit in 1925 where John Stubbs, Frederic Smith, Earl Mayne and Sam Packer envisioned a grand resort on the peak of a high plateau in the Poconos.  They purchased eight tracts of land totaling 2,500 acres and hired a landscape architect to select the ideal location for the lodge and golf course. The Main Lodge was completed within three years. It was built to reflect the beauty of its surroundings. Stones and woods found on the property were used in construction.

In 1930 a dam was completed and the lake was enlarged to its present size. Later, cottages were built and the 2,000-acre Goose Pond area was acquired to create a 5,500 Pocono Mountains playground with hiking, skiing, swimming, and new adventures, surrounded by places of quiet beauty and restful charm.


The weekly Skylites are posted online and available at the front desk, they show special events and activities that will be held during your stay. Such as a special movie, lawn bowling clinic, picnic, playdoh play time, pony rides, petting zoo and so much more all depending on when your stay is! They also have a list of activities that are available at Skytop to do each and every day such as the library, games, puzzles, 34 miles of hiking trails, 6-Hole Miniature Golf, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Foosball, Stacker, Mountain Bikes with optional Burleys, Paddle Tennis, Basketball, Croquet, Lawn Bowling, Putting Green, Play Ground,  Sand Volleyball, Archery and more! The Skylites were literally our guide to what we did each and every day! You can see an example by clicking here.

Adventure Center:

The adventure center offers activities such as Kayak Rentals & Lessons, Canoe Lessons, Laser Tag, Rock Climbing, Paintball Games,

Geo Caching and Wilderness Skills Classes by appointment. The activities are not included with your stay, but really get you out and moving on a day where the included activities may not be your cup of tea!

Camp In The Clouds:

Is a  fun day camp that is highly active, geared to the great outdoors, with a focus on sports and nature for children ages 3-12 years that are potty trained. Half-day sessions run from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. which includes lunch and afternoon sessions run 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. There were a few things we wanted to do (zip lining, boat rowing) that really could not be done with six kids. So we left the kiddos in Camp In The Clouds (included with your stay) and to be honest, they had more fun in the camp than they did with us! Activities at Camp In The Clouds include, but are not limited to slip and slide play, sprinkler play, fishing, bingo and water painting!

Windsor Dining Room:

Skytop is all-inclusive, which means with the cost of your room comes all of your food! The Windsor Dining room is casual dress for breakfast and lunch and more formal with jackets required for dinner which really makes dinner special! Skytop Lodge uses oil that contains no sodium, no trans-fat, and no cholesterol. MSG or flavor enhancers are not used in preparation of foods and all of your meals can be customized.  The food served in the Windsor is nothing but five star quality. What really set our dining experiences apart was Jeff- our waiter! I have been to a lot of resturants in my day

Cell Phone Use, Or Lack There Of:

Skytop asks all their guests to remember while they are at Skytop they are seeking a relaxing vacation! Sit back and enjoy a break from little (or big) stresses you face each and every day at home and leave the cell phone in your room! At first I thought it would be odd to see people not on their phones, but to be honest it was so nice. To see parents bonding with their kids instead of their phones was literally a breath of fresh air!

Jackie Speicher:

Ms Jackie is Skytop’s local and friendly naturalist! She knows practically every inch of  Skytop’s 5500 acre property and enjoys teaching guests young and old all about it. She took us to the beautiful Leavitt Falls, helped the kids find and pick wild blueberries and told them all about the story of the Indian man and the Sassafras plant! The kids loved her and were sad when our nature hike was over!

No matter your age, personality or desire, Skytop Lodge can make your next trip an unforgettable experience. Call 800 345 7759 or visit


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    be a very relaxing event.

  10. Shanon Bramblette says

    This sounds amazing! The perfect getaway. Immersed in loads of activity, fitness, & nature. It sounds pretty much all-inclusive, as long as you participate in the Skylites, as opposed to the costly activities. It looks BEAUTIFUL! T-y for sharing your experience. I’m convinced! I live in NJ so not too far, either. Def. gotta look into this, for my next vacay.

  11. kelly willis says

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    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

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