Stamey’s Barbecue – Greensboro, NC

Disclosure: A 25.00 gift card to Stamey’s was provided in exchange for this post.

The first thing I noticed when we drove through Greensboro was that there were a ton of BBQ restaurants. And by ton, I mean one on almost every single corner. We aren’t huge BBQ lovers, so during our stay in Greensboro we decided we would pick only one BBQ restaurant.  We choose to try Stamey’s and regretted every second of it.pc-ncbbq-11Founded in 1930, Stamey’s is known for it’s “Lexington-style” pit cooked exclusively over hardwood coals barbecue pork and “secret barbecue sauce”. The secret barbecue sauce was a watery, sugary, ketchup like sauce that they drenched over my chicken. I was able to wipe most of it off after I realized I did not like it, but even my chicken was not that great. Towards the bone, it was still pink and raw. The fries were the best part of my meal and they clearly were from a freezer bag.12166086_10206890292450074_306562162_nI also got a cup of their ‘famous stew”, which tasted like it came from a can and someone accidentally added too much water.12170669_10206890292410073_2018149379_nMy husband ordered a Chopped “Chicken-Q” sandwich, but ended up with a plate of  “Chicken-Q”. On the menu it is listed as an oven-roasted all-white meat meal, however his was certainly not all white meat.12167287_10206890292290070_896462324_nWe left Stamey’s still hungry and with upset stomachs from the food. For sure will not return here, and highly suggest you find a different BBQ restaurant in the Greensboro area, there are so many to choose from.


  1. It’s a shame that your dinner ended up being less than high-quality. It always feels like such a shock because we are so used to good or at least better-than-average food. That’s the one drawback to trying new restaurants: what do you do if you didn’t enjoy anything?

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