Sunken Secrets

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Big Fish.

What do you get when you combine the farming sim game that we have all grown to love, an evil sea witch, a gorgeous princess and a bit of magic? Th new Big Fish game, Sunken Secrets of course!277369Sunken Secrets is an oceanic farming sim game, with a magical twist! An evil Sea Witch has cursed the islands, turning all the villagers into sea creatures and submerging everything under water. It’s your goal to break the curse by following Princess Luisa around. She needs your help to gather magic. Then you can use the magic you find to de-curse the island, and raise the land that was submerged. All the while, be on the lookout for the evil Sea Witch and her pesky pet Kroks277368While cooking, farming, and resource collection certainly are a staple to the game, you can also island-hopping, create jewelry and use the marketplaces to buy and sell goods.277370Sunken Secrets can be downloaded for free here. Start your magical farming adventure, but beware the evil Sea Witch!


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