SwingSafe: Training Wheels For Your Swing

Disclosure: This post brought to you by SwingSafe.

When our child is learning how to ride a bike, we do our best as parents to keep them safe. We strap a helmet on their head, pads to their elbows and knees and make sure the training wheels are safely installed on their bike. The last thing we want is for our child to get hurt learning to do something they love. But what about swings? How do we prevent them from getting hurt on those?

There isn’t much of a transition from the fully supportive park ‘baby’ swing to the park backless big kid swing, and falls off the big kid swings are more common than you think. In 1999 there were an estimated 205,850 injuries from playground equipment. The same study (yes I know that’s a while ago, but swings really havens changed) found that 67% of home playground injuries were from swings and 81% of those injuries were from falls. (source)

That number is simply unacceptable! Thankfully Stephanie Slattery, the mother of four small children believed that the backless big kid swings were actually too hazardous all together for her young children and being creative, she decided to try to make something more secure.swingDSC9076

Stephanie imagined, created and made a few samples, tested them, and finally came up with a design that worked. When she brought her creation to the park and her children were happily using it, the other mothers began asking her where they could buy what she had made at home. That was the beginning of SwingSafe™, a portable, washable back support that easily attaches to swings and helps young children feel and be more secure on a big kid swing!

SS14The SwingSafe is lightweight, portable and washable. It is installed onto a swing by simply clipping it on to the place your child hangs on and hooking velcro around the place your childs bottom goes.

Stephanie is crowdfunding the launch of the SwingSafe on KickStarter and needs your help! A donation of just $19 will get you a SwingSafe and a drawstring bag!


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