CostumeExpress Has All Your Power Ranger Dino Charge Needs!

Disclosure: The costumes pictured below were sent compliments of When I was a kid one of my favorite shows was Power Rangers. I can remember arguing with my friends about who got to be the Pink Ranger, I normally won. The new Dino Charge story line represents the 22nd season of the Power Rangers franchise, which is a big achievement indeed. If your little one is as big of a fan as mine are, chances are you may be searching for a Dino Charge costume.. Well look no further! I have your answer- Power Rangers Dino Charge: Deluxe Pink Ranger Sequin Costume gives … [Read more...]

Thor Avengers Muscle Costume

Disclosure: The costume in the feature below was sent compliments of Mr Costume. Transform your little boy into the ultra strong, ultra cool, hammer wielding, god of thunder and Prince of Asgard- Thor! This Halloween there is no doubt about it, Avengers costumes are hot, hot, hot and the Mr Costumes Thor suit in the feature below is the nicest Thor costume I have seen thus far. The costume is available in sizes 3t to 12 which means your big boy or little boy can find the proper fit. I found that it ran exactly true to size. Blake is a 10 or a 12 depending on brand and as you can see the costume fits … [Read more...]

My Fancy Princess: Belle Princess Dress

Before we went to Disney World last year the only princess Carlee wanted anything to do with was Cinderella. However, after our trip and seeing Beauty & The Beast Live On Stage- Carlee began to grow a bit of a fondness for Belle! She liked how smart she was and that she enjoyed books- just like Carlee! She asked us for a Belle dress a few months ago and I of course knew right where to look! My Fancy Princesses Belle dress is made of a soft stretchy velvet bodice that is accented with gold trims and a gathered collar with beautiful red roses. The skirt features Little Adventure's signature soft … [Read more...]

Transformer’s Iron Hide Costume

Going right along with our Transformer's costume theme comes Blakes costume- Iron Hide! Blake fell in love with trigger-happy Iron Hide after he watched the first Transformers movie! His huge arm-cannons set him apart from the other AutoBots and Blake quite frequently can be heard growling  "You feeling lucky, punk?",  just like Iron Hide did in the movie! The Iron Hide costume was the hardest costume to findm so when I did find it ! Iron Hide is the Autobot's weapons specialist, and the second Blake put it on he felt like he was ready for battle! The Transformers Dark of the Moon Ironhide Muscle … [Read more...]

Transformer’s Optimus Prime Costume

Can you believe it is already October? October by far is my favorite month! Cool weather, festive decorations, beautiful leaves and Halloween of course! I just love getting all the kids Halloween costumes and seeing how excited they are when they get to transform int something else- even if it only for one night! This year, the boys decided they wanted to match and be Transformers! After only a bit of searching I found all three boys costumes! This review will feature the Classic Muscle Optimus Prime Costume Ethan picked! The licensed, official Transformer's Optimus Prime Costume has everything … [Read more...]

Snow White Costume

Typically halloween costumes are only work for halloween. However when you have a little girl obsessed over princesses like my Carlee, costumes are worn all year round! We received a beautiful Snow White Costume from The polyester dress zips in the back with a beautiful white color that stays 'popped' up just like Snow Whites! The top portion of the dress is blue with decorative, gold accents and a character cameo. A red belt is attached at the waist and decorated with red sequins. The sleeves are light blue and red and trimmed in yellow. The yellow skirt has a nylon overlay and … [Read more...] Lil’ Monkey Costume

Please tell me that he is not just the cutest monkey you have ever seen?! The Lil' Monkey Costume is one of the best monkey costumes I have ever seen! It consists of 4 pieces. The head piece, two booties, and the body jump suit. The jumpsuit has snaps all around the legs for easy diaper changes while you are out and about with your Lil' Monkey. The head piece snaps on with a single snap in the back. This costume is both adorable and functional for a chilly Halloween night. The booties are intended for indoor use only- and come with little grippies on the bottom so your Lil' … [Read more...]