Guidecraft Dress-Up Storage Center

Miss Carlee loves to dress up. Actually, I think she lives to dress up and I am OK with that. I want my little girl to remain a little princess for as long as she possibly can so I encourage dress up and pretend play. Problem is, over the years her collection of Dress Up Clothes has gotten pretty large and we really had no where to put it- till now! The Guidecraft Dress-Up Storage Center, features upper and lower storage areas with fabric bins for toys, shoes and other play items. The sturdy rod provides tons of room for hanging clothes and/or costumes and there is a tall acrylic mirror one one … [Read more...]

Guidecraft Canvas Book Display

I do not like toys in bedrooms. Bedrooms in my opinion are for sleeping, that is it. However, because we have eight people in our house I wanted a space that they could all use if they needed some quiet space- so I decided to make a corner of their room a reading nook. I looked everywhere for a decent book shelf but everything I found was ugly or looked like it would break easily. When I found the Guidecraft Canvas Book Display I knew it would be perfect for our room! The book display was super easy to set up. It took me maybe 10 minutes and all I needed tool wise was the included alen wrench. … [Read more...]

Dropper Stopper

Running errands with two kids is hard, running errands with three plus kids and only two hands is piratically impossible. Lots of times however I have at least three kids with me. As long as I keep each of those three kids occupied with a toy or a cup I can get away with bringing them all along. However lots of times that item ends up on the ground (gross) then I have to quickly make that toy disappear which only leads to the end of quietness, which was the whole point of bringing the item along in the first place! ARG! Well busy moms and dads worry no more because Dropper Stopper has come to the … [Read more...]