TinyLove: 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

Disclosure: The Rocker Napper in the feature below was sent compliments of Tiny Love!

I live in a tiny house! That means that finding a comfortable place for baby to sleep or sit in is not always easy. Finding one that is affordable, doesn’t take up much space and does both of those things is even harder! Enter the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper! It is a moderately priced genius piece of baby gear that is a bassinet, high chair, rocker and  lounger.

IMG_8210Set up was a bit harder than I expected. All of the steps accept one were relatively easy. Thankfully the instructions were super easy to follow and included many images for those like me that need a visual! Connecting the fabric to the plastic part of the base was the hardest part, to be honest I almost gave up. You may need two people for this step.

IMG_8187Once set up I was instantly impressed with how sturdy, yet compact it was.

IMG_8201The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper can be left with the legs up to allow it to rock back and forth or the legs can be pushed down out to stabilize it entirely. There is a small lever on the back of it that can be pulled gently (similar to the lever on the back of an infant car seat) to change the recline level of the rocker. A flat recline is perfect for sleeping. The middle recline is superb for babies that struggle with acid reflux. The most upright position is perfect for feeding time!

IMG_8206The three point harness is very easy to attach and unattach and makes sure even the smallest of babies stays secure inside.

IMG_8194The dangling toys are most easily reached in rocker mode. It plays an assortment of different tunes, depending on if it is play time or nap time.

IMG_8196If you are looking for a multi functional piece of baby gear that your child will be able to use for quite some time then I strongly suggest you invest in the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper! It is also great for tiny living spaces, like RVs!

Buy It: You can purchase the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper for 77.49!

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  1. marissa lee says

    i love this napper..i entered like 3 giveaway to win one but no luck…but i do love it.

  2. That would be great for the grandparent’s house!

  3. This looks like it is small enough to travel with. I like that it can be adjusted up, which would be great for reflux babies.

  4. Heather Forseth Grant says

    I sure wish they had something like this when my daughter was a baby. Looks like it could have been a lifesaver:-)

  5. Michael Lambert says

    My wife has been trying to win one of these, she has been wanting one.

  6. Julie Hutson says

    This thing looks like a lifesaver! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kayla Balko says

    Now where was this when I was looking?! My son is going to 8 months old soon, and when I was pregnant and getting things ready for him, I would have bought this right away if I came across it. My house isn’t that big, so this would have been perfect to buy to cut down on all the items you need for a baby. Also, can’t forget cutting down on the cost as well since it would be one item to buy and not three! I hope I can find something like this in 2-3 years when we decide to have our second baby 🙂

  8. I love that this is lite and does not take up much space. It’s such a pain to have to tote a bunch of stuff around when you’re going somewhere for a few hours. Ugh! This would make travelling so much easier! And then I wouldn’t have to rely on using the carrier as a make shift bed! Will look into purchasing! Thanks~

  9. Sweta Sonulkar says

    This 3-in 1 napper is really fabolous product for kids and moms too as this is easily foldable and easy to assemble too.

  10. This looks awesome, I currently have a rock n play.. our only problem, is the rest of the kids try to get into all the baby things.. but this looks like it would be good to travel with…

  11. Cynthia Cover says

    Looks pretty awesome, I would love to see the high chair function.

  12. Anna Johnson says

    I wish I had this- handy and practical. Great gift idea!

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