Utterly Yours Breast Pillow

The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow was designed by a mom to make breastfeeding simpler! I have been blessed/cursed with very large breasts, which sometimes make nursing my babies a very tedious task! To not suffocate my baby, I literally have to keep a hand under my breast and away from my infants face! The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow helps makes this a hands-free task! The pillow provides the most comfortable breast support and optimal breast position for nursing.

The product is targeted towards larger breasted women and those dealing with the forces of gravity which makes nursing a more challenging endeavor. When nursing my baby I constantly have to adjust or hold my breast which can really make nursing frustrating. A pillow helps a little, but nothing lifts my breast off babies face! The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is the first product I have found, that focuses on supporting the breast to make nursing easier

I originally ordered my Utterly Yours pillow in a medium. Way, way wrong size for me. When I remeasured my breast, I found that indeed, had I read the size chart correctly, I would know that I needed an extra-large. I got my extra-large in the mail today, huge size difference between the medium and the extra-large. I cannot stress enough to follow the directions on the site to the t!

The customer service at Utterly Yours is superb- They were super-fast with getting back to me, and their sizing expert is one of the friendliest people I have ever spoken with. If you have large breasts and have breastfed before, you don’t need me to explain to you, how much easier it would be not to have that hand under you breast while feeding your baby! You can instead use that hand to pinch their checks, run your fingers through their hair, or just be able to fully hold your baby with *gasp* both hands instead of holding your breast!
Buy It: You can purchase an Utterly Yours Breast Pillow on amazon for 19.95.


  1. >I NEED this! Very cool!!!

  2. >Where was this when I needed it 2 years ago for my FF's lol

  3. Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys says

    >Oh goodness! I wish I would have had these when I was breast feeding my little ones. Anything to make breast feeding easier would have been welcomed.

  4. Tanya (a Taste of T) says

    >Ah this is amazing. I had no idea my breast size could affect where my hands would/should go. I'm a new first time mom to be. Your help is SOOOOO much appreciated.

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