Custom Disney Shirts From BEEYou Monogramming

Disclosure- The custom shirts in the pictures below were provided compliments of BEEYou Monogramming,

My favorite part of planning for vacation with the kids is picking matching outfits. I did a ton of research this time and decided I really wanted to find someone that could make the four kids custom outfits that sorta matched, but showcased each kids personality. It was in my search I found BEEYou Monogramming boutique!

BEEYou Monogramming  is owned and operated by a stay at home mom named Stephanie. Stephanie discovered her love for color and design when her kids were babies. She started with a small single needle machine but just couldn’t get quite the look she wanted. So she invested in a commercial machine and decided to share her talent with others! In only a few emails back and forth Stephanie was able to design the perfect outfits for my kiddos for our Walt Disney World trip.12067750_10206840445643935_1357075623_nFor Ethan Stephanie designed a white polo shirt with his initial on it and magic Mickey gloves! It was perfect for him. He is our oldest and really takes pride in his appearance so was delighted to have a collar. He also gets kinda embarrassed when random people know his name, so the “E” only was perfect.12067786_10206840445443930_806423408_nFor Carlee, a gorgeous white, ruffled dress was picked. It said “Carlee” across the front and had a “C” at the bottom with a Minnie Bow and High Heels! The dress fit true to size and was a very thick, quality material. Her name being on the very top, where everyone could see it was perfect for our day in Epcot. Every cast member that talked to her called her “Princess Carlee” which made her smile from ear to ear all day long!!!12081502_10206840445043920_1542989000_nEmmitt and Caleb’s shirts were very similar in design. They both had their initial and magic Mickey gloves, as well as their names to the side.12081443_10206840628568508_1627438900_nThe big difference was that Emmitt’s was on a short sleeve shirt and Caleb’s was on a romper.12080846_10206840628848515_874579980_nA princess can never have enough clothes, so we also tried BEEYou’s Personalized Ice Crown Princess Shirt! It combines Carlee’s love for Frozen with the personilization of her name in monogram form. The ruffled shirt was the perfect detail to make the shirt more special and princess like.12080790_10206840444963918_60939361_nI washed all the clothes before Disney and noticed no shrinking. There was also no bleeding of the monograms onto the white shirts, like in custom shirts I have purchased before. During the first hour of our Magic Kingdom day Carlee spilled orange juice all down her dress. I used a shout wipe and the entire stain was gone, this is only possible on quality fabric.

12084124_10206840628688511_479232378_nIf your headed to Walt Disney World any time soon and looking for quality, custom shirts I highly suggest you check out BEEYou Monogramming boutique. Send Stephanie a message and see what she can create for your family!!



  1. She did a great job with the outfits, especially your little girl’s dress.

  2. Thanks for the post! I will be sure to pass this along to all my family members as we are all big Walt Disney fans.

  3. Renee Walters says:

    They are so cute! Your kids are adorable too!

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