The Kindergarten Toolkit

Disclosure: The curriculum pictured below was sent compliments of The Kindergarten Toolkit. Making sure your child is prepared for kindergarten is no easy task. You don't want to push them too hard and make them hate learning, but at the same time there is so much they need to learn before starting school to give them confidence so they excel. That is where The Kindergarten Toolkit comes into play.The Kindergarten Toolkit is a teaching tool for parents to use with children ages 2 thru 6 that fully prepares them for Kindergarten. The kit helps build a basic foundation of reading, writing and math … [Read more...]

Custom Disney Shirts From BEEYou Monogramming

Disclosure- The custom shirts in the pictures below were provided compliments of BEEYou Monogramming, My favorite part of planning for vacation with the kids is picking matching outfits. I did a ton of research this time and decided I really wanted to find someone that could make the four kids custom outfits that sorta matched, but showcased each kids personality. It was in my search I found BEEYou Monogramming boutique! BEEYou Monogramming  is owned and operated by a stay at home mom named Stephanie. Stephanie discovered her love for color and design when her kids were babies. She started with a … [Read more...]

Belly Charms: MOM Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

Struggling on what to get your mom this year for Christmas? Well I have an affordable gift idea for you that is sure to put a smile on her face! Belly Charms "MOM: bracelet is the perfect gift for a mom or a mom-to-be. This bracelet can be designed with up to 5 birthstone Swarovski Crystal colors. Each bracelet is unique and will vary slightly in design and accent beads. This is a bracelet any mom would treasure and is brand new this holiday season. This affordable, custom bracelet has 7mm, Antique Silver Finished (lead free) pewter alphabet beads that say MOM. These are tarnish resistant. Antique … [Read more...]

Belly Charms: Personalized Mother’s Bracelet

The second I became a mom to my beautiful bouncing baby boy, I was the proudest mommy ever! I wanted to scream to the roof tops that I had an amazing child and share him with everyone, well almost every one. It was Ethan who started my obsession of mommy jewelry! Sonya, owner of Belly Charms made me my very first Mother's bracelet back in 2010 that was a classy, simple black and silver color! I have worn that beautiful bracelet almost every single day for two years straight! I love it still to this day, but I was longing for a bit of color- however, none of the Mother's Bracelets I could find at … [Read more...]

Intentionally Me “My Love Story” Necklace

There is  no gift in this world I love more than something personalized. My very favorite Christmas gifts over the years have been items that my children made or my husband picked out. I have a mother's bracelet my husband got me in 2011, a jewelry box on of my babies made me the year before and an amazing family portrait that my husband had framed for me! When it comes to gifts, you just can't go wrong with something that will really mean something to the recipient! Intentionally Me is owned and operated by Nayeli! A wife and mom to two beautiful children! Her love of jewelry creation started when she … [Read more...]

Little Cosmetics: Pretend Make-Up

Little Cosmetics is play make-up that looks and feels just like real make-up. But it doesn't show up on skin or rub off on fingers. Pretend play at its best - all the imagination and no mess! Little Cosmetics is the perfect solution for the little girl that always wants to use mom’s make-up (like my Carlee does), but won’t be fooled by fake plastic make-up. And the perfect choice for mom’s that want to keep their little girls mess-free and safe from toxins. If you have a little girl that is anything like my Carlee- then this make up could be a fun play toy for her and save you money because you will … [Read more...]

Maddie B’s Boutique

When planning my vacation to Walt Disney World I knew for sure every day I wanted to do Carlee's hair some how cute! I spent hours searching online for only the best of the best hair bow makers and slowly added to my collection to be able to bring all of you the very best bows! And then life happened and Carlee cut her own hair! I was very upset and even cried! Almost all of her hair was gone. But we made the best of it.  Lots of the bows I was not able to use on my vacation- but over the next few weeks I am going to still bring you all the best of the best! First off we have Maddie B's Boutique! … [Read more...]