Intentionally Me “My Love Story” Necklace

There is  no gift in this world I love more than something personalized. My very favorite Christmas gifts over the years have been items that my children made or my husband picked out. I have a mother’s bracelet my husband got me in 2011, a jewelry box on of my babies made me the year before and an amazing family portrait that my husband had framed for me! When it comes to gifts, you just can’t go wrong with something that will really mean something to the recipient!

Intentionally Me is owned and operated by Nayeli! A wife and mom to two beautiful children! Her love of jewelry creation started when she was just 8 years old and quickly grew into a passion for handstamped jewelry. She contacted me a little while ago and asked if I felt her creations would be a great gift for the holidays. After briefly browsing her Etsy Shop I knew that I had to share her with you all!

After what seemed like hours of browsing her site, I selected her “My Love Story” Sterling Silver Necklace. A beautiful personalized mommy necklace that allows you to add family members as your family grows! The “My Love Story”  necklace features a sterling silver small stylized heart hand stamped with two initials,  a sterling silver vertical tag stamped with a date or Wedding year, two sterling silver disc hand stamped with a name up to 6 letters and a tree charm as center piece! (More discs can be added if you have, or plan to have more babies!) All the charms hanging from an extra thick jump ring that is then attached to the (upgraded) chain with two smaller rings to ensure it stays together!

I was immediately impressed when I opened the package. The necklace was ready to be gifted in a beautiful red box, secured with a silver ribbon! Inside the box was the necklace, a polishing pad to keep the necklace shinny and a card with tips on ‘how to keep the necklace looking it’s shinny best! The chain is the perfect lenght and each and every charm dangles perfectly. The care and thought put into a gift like this necklace is sure to be a hit for anyone you decided to gift it to this holiday season!

Buy It: You can purchase the Intentionally Me “My Love Story” Necklace for 80.00 from


  1. I would spend it on the Dad, A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love keychain

  2. Jasmine Blaylock says

    Something for my mom that has all the grandchildren on it.

  3. I would use the gift certificate on a necklace like this one. 🙂

  4. My soon-to-be mother in law would love this 🙂

  5. Katie Wilkin says

    i would definitely put it towards the Sterling Silver Family Tree Pendandt – My Family(small washer). SO cute! It’s really hard to choose out of all of the cute designs!

  6. angela tuttle says

    i never find these things to enticing but i LOVE this one! i have to have it!

  7. Necklace Teeny Initial Tag with Maple Leaf

  8. the Sterling Silver Family Tree Pendent!

  9. Elizabeth Wisniewski says
  10. would spend it on my daughters.

  11. Mary Gallardo says

    I love the personalized layered sterling silver stack of four! It would be perfect for my 4 kids’ names!

  12. The my story necklae for my daughter

  13. Love you all family necklace, sassy hearts

  14. Keisha Talley says

    Hand Stamped Tree necklace

  15. Personalized Necklace – Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Jewelry – I am a survivor Cancer Awareness for my best friend.

  16. Amy Peschel says

    Personalized Mommy Necklace

  17. A hand stamped mommy necklace with my sons name on it

  18. Vivian Hernandez says

    I would love to have the Remembrance Necklace – Forever in my heart it’s so beautiful. With my baby’s name on it, it would be perfect. I died 2 years ago, he was 4 months old.

  19. I would choose the Solo Deluxe Family Washer with kids names!

  20. Jennifer Rote says

    Guitar Pick key chain with leather case – Hand Stamped Personalized Aluminum – Love you Always

  21. Desiree Dunbar says

    I like the Mommy Necklace small family tree pendant.

  22. I like the Personalized Hand Stamped Bracelet – Custom Bracelet – Adjustable Bracelet One word (Sterling Silver).

  23. teresa koedyker says

    the mommy necklace

  24. Hand Stamped Bracelet – Personalized Adjustable Bracelet – One word Bracelet (Sterling Silver)

  25. I love this necklace! We don’t have a traditional family, so this would be perfect since it isn’t “too” Mom-ish, and wouldn’t offend my step-daughter! That’s a fine line to walk… 🙂

  26. I also love the “I love you to the Moon and Back” keychain, and the hand-stamped initial charms!! It would be EASY to spend $50 at this store!

  27. I love the Love Birds Family necklace

  28. Carrie Phelps says

    Personalized Mommy Necklace – Hand Stamped Jewelry – Sterling Silver Family initials tags

  29. Hand Stamped Guitar Pick Keychain with leathear case- P

  30. Hand Stamped Mommy Jewelry – Personalized Layered Sterling Silver Necklace – Loved Flat Family Stack of Two

  31. I like the Sterling Silver Custom Necklace- Always, Forever and no matter what….necklace

  32. courtney hennagir says
  33. I love the personalized grandma necklace!

  34. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d get the Remembrance – My Baby Angel (with footprints) necklace

  35. Jessica Eaton Ledford says
  36. Personalized Necklace – Hand Stamped Mommy Necklace- Remembrance – My Baby Angel (with footprints)

  37. I would get the mommy necklace.

  38. Catherine L says
  39. hand stamped sterling silver name tag

  40. Hand Stamped Necklace – Personalized Jewelry – Sterling Silver Jewelry – I Love My Princess

  41. Love the hand stamped mommy jewelry! I’ve been wanting something like this since our first was born.

  42. Kathy Davis says

    I like Real Mom Reviews on Facebook as Kathy Newsom Davis.

  43. I’d get their Personalized Necklace – Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Jewelry – Tiny Initial Deluxe Necklace 🙂

  44. The Personalized Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Jewelry – Vertical Tag neckalce with Swarovski Crystal Birthstone

  45. I would get the Hand Stamped Mommy Necklace – Personalized Sterling Silver Jewelry – All Together (Necklace with kids initials)

  46. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Personalized Heart Necklace – Hand Stamped Sterling Silver jewelry – Close to me ( Three names )

  47. family circle of love

  48. would get the Hand Stamped Mommy Necklace – Personalized Jewelry- Sterling Silver – Love you all, Family Necklace (Sassy hearts)

  49. I would buy a mother’s necklace to hold my babies in heaven–two–and our treasure from Vietnam–almost 6 yrs. old!

  50. rebekah anderson says

    I would get the hand stamped mommy jewelry its so adorable 🙂

  51. Tiffanie G. says

    I would love the hand stamped mommy necklace!

  52. Cailyn Miller says

    I would order “My Love Story”. I think every piece is beautiful though!

  53. Jennifer Mistretta says

    My love story one child

  54. Michelle.A. says

    I like the Hand Stamped Mommy Washer Necklace – Sterling Silver Simplicity Family Circle of Love

  55. the Deluxe two of us Necklace with kids names

  56. Jennifer T. says

    I’d get the Hand Stamped Personalized Jewelry – Sterling Silver Custom Necklace – My Favorite Star (Initial Necklace).

  57. I pushed the enter on the like page of Intentianally fans by accident. I’m at my limit of FB Likes. I didn’t realize it then pushed it. I’m telling you so I’m not eliminated from the giveaway. I’m sorry about that. There shoudn’t be a limit on FB likes in my opinion. Just another stupid rule,drives me nuts!

  58. I love the personalized hand stamped initial necklaces

  59. carol roberts says

    Personalized Mommy Jewelry – Hand Stamped Necklace – Sterling Silver – Big Family Necklace with four kids names

  60. I would choose the Ultimate Big Family tree pendant.

  61. Michelle C says

    I like the Love Birds Family necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  62. Mary Gallardo says

    This is so pretty! With my family of 6, the necklace would be weighing me down! hahaha

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