CastCoverz: CastCooler

There is nothing worse than having an itchy, stinky cast that you have to keep on for weeks or even months. Casts become itchy and smelly because of the bacteria growing in the continually-moist lining beneath your cast. This moisture is most commonly due to perspiration trapped in the cast lining but may also result from bathing or normal outdoor activities.  As soon as I found out I had to have surgery on my ankle I started looking for products to make recovery easier and I stumbled upon the CastCooler! The CastCooler helps keep your cast fresh and reduces itch by removing moisture from the … [Read more...]

Free Spirit Knee Walker

Just because my ankle is broken, doesn't mean my whole life has stopped. I still have grocery shopping to do, kids after school activities to attend and appointments to make. I use crutches or my walker for when I have to go short distances but when I need to go far I get so sore and tired. Nothing about breaking an ankle is fun or easy. However, the folks at Knee Walker Central knew exactly what type of situation I was in and sent me a product that really helped me be able to function during my recovery! The Free Spirit Knee walker allows me to get from point A to point B fast! Faster than any … [Read more...]

LemonAid Crutches

Having a broken bone is no fun. Having a broken bone that you can't walk on is even worse! Getting from point A to point B is no longer as easy as getting up and walking where you want to go. You can crawl, hop or use crutches to help! When I left the ER after finding out I had indeed broken my bone they sent me home with an ugly, uncomfortable pair of standard crutches that I quickly learned to hate. They were super painful to use and when I gimped around with them they made loud "look at me" squeaks that had everyone with in a mile turning around and looking at me! I discovered CastCoverZ when … [Read more...]


When I left the hospital with my huge splint on my leg, one of the first things I thought about was: "how in the world am I going to shower?". My first shower I tried the trash bag method. The top cotton part of my splint got all wet and I was uncomfortable the rest of the day. My next bath, I used DryCast! DryCast is a simple, easy to use and is reusable! Picking your correct size DryCast is super easy, you just measure the total height of your cast and the circumference of the widest part and the DryCast will easily slip right over. Using  the DryCast on was super easy, I simply stretched the … [Read more...]