Feed The Tarpon at Robbie’s – Islamorada, FL

Disclosure: Our admission was provided by of Robbie's Marina. In 1976, when Robbie saw a struggling tarpon in the shallow water near his docks, he went out into the water to free it, thinking it had swum too shallow and gotten stuck on the bank. When he lifted the fish he saw that the right side of its jaw was torn open. Hoping to revive the tarpon, Robbie placed it in the oxygen-rich shrimp tank and called old Doc Roach.The doctor showed up with his wife’s mattress needles and some twine, and "Scarface" became the first known tarpon with stitches. After several days of force-feeding, Scarface showed … [Read more...]

Medieval Times – Orlando, FL

Castles, Kings, Princess and Jousting Knights are a thing of the past. However, at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament show you can experience all of them and so much more right in front of your very eyes.The Castle's large, towering, white walls are set off by a gorgeous moat and drawbridge. They were the first Medieval Times' in North America, opening in 1983. This location offers more than a glimpse into the life of medieval royalty during the show, it features an authentic eight-cottage medieval village. Delightful for adults and children alike the show and dinner takes about two hours from … [Read more...]

Skeleton Museum – Orlando, FL

Disclosure: My families admission to the Museum was provided in exchange for this post. You will find quite a few attractions to visit under the wheel on International Drive (I-Drive 360) in Orlando. Our favorite spot happens to be the Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! Museum. My kids enjoyed visiting the museum and actually learned a thing or two which is a total win in my book.This first-of-its-kind, bone filled museum has over 40 exhibits.The entire museum features more than 400 animal skeletons.Some of them in clever, never-before-seen poses and dioramas that brands visitors with a whole new respect for … [Read more...]

Greensboro Children’s Museum – Greensborn, NC

Disclosure: My families admission to the Museum was provided in exchange for this post. Living on the road means that my kids see a ton of awesome places, do ton of awesome things and experience all things awesome. Often times, they quickly forget about these places so I always make sure to take lots of pictures to remind them. We visited the Greensboro Children's Museum (GCM) in September and to this day, six weeks later my children still talk about it all the time.GCM is a hands-on, interactive museum for children and their families. The Museum is designed to inspire learning through play in a fun, … [Read more...]

WonderWorks – Orlando, FL

Disclosure: My family was provided admission to WonderWorks in exchange for this post. A visit to Orlando can not be complete with out a trip down International Drive. And on International drive you simply can not miss the upside down building- WonderWorks.WonderWorks challenges the mind, sparks the imagination and leads the way as the top interactive attraction. Through innovation, entertainment and affordability, WonderWorks turns fun upside down and inspires lasting memories for guests of all ages. Inside you will find more than 100 hands on exhibits and interactive displays. The exhibits are … [Read more...]

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – Orlando, FL

Disclosure: Admission was provided for my family. Growing up one of my very favorite TV shows was Ripley's Believe It Or Not! I can even remember my favorite episode, the one with the lizard man. He had tattooed his entire body with scales and even had his tongue cut in half to look more like a reptile. I was more excited than a kid in a candy store when I realized there was a Ripley's Museum in Orlando and put it on my must see list right away. The 10,000 square foot “Odditorium” delights right off the bat with the outside experience. The building actually looks like it’s falling into a Florida … [Read more...]

Happy Winds Rental Shack – Virginia Beach, VA

Disclosure: Happy Winds provided us Kayak, Chair and Umbrella rentals in exchange for this post. The second we exited the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia Beach I knew our first stop was going to be the beach! The water was calm, the weather perfect and the kids overly excited to splash around in the waves! Upon checking into Virginia Beach Resort Hotel the front desk manager suggested if we wanted to have a blast at their private beach, we visited the Happy Winds Rental Shack, so we did!!The Happy Winds Rental Shack is located directly behind the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel on Chesapeake Bay. … [Read more...]